Experience Day: Interested in learning about carriage driving? Thinking of taking it up but want to try it before you buy a horse and carriage of your own? Or simply want to spend a day with us here at Horse Drawn Promotions?

Learn about harnessing, putting-to, carriages, driving, rein handling and more! The day is tailored to your requirements, so can be used as an introduction to carriage driving, a taster session or simply an enjoyable day out.

Available to individuals, pairs and small groups.

Individual – £175
Pairs – £225
Groups – POA


Driving Lessons with your own Horses: Do you want to work on improving your horse’s head carriage or responsiveness? Do you have an issue with your harness horse such as fidgeting or spooking? Barry can work with you and your horse at his yard to improve your horse’s way of going, and help to resolve common problems. He can work with any type of turnout from miniature shetlands to Shires, and with any combination including single, tandem and teams. POA.


Driving Course with your own Horses: If you want to have multiple lessons over a period of days, or maximise your chance to learn from Barry, his driving courses offer training tailored to your requirements.


Whether you have just started driving and want some helpful pointers, or are an experienced driver who wants to hone their skills, Barry aims to teach and improve you and your horses during your stay. Overnight parking for horseboxes is available next to his arena. POA.


Clinic bookings:

Barry has held highly popular and successful clinics working with a variety of horses. He is happy to work one-on-one for a series of lessons, and also talk to spectators during the demonstration.


Lectures/Talks/Dinner Speaking: With over 50 years of training horses, Barry is a knowledgeable, passionate speaker who aims to deliver an educational yet entertaining talk. He welcomes questions from an audience and can tailor the talks to suit a wide range of abilities and disciplines. 


Breaking horses to harness:
Here at Horse Drawn Promotions, we aim to train horses to be Safe, Confident and Happy working at every pace, in different situations including; working calmly in traffic, in open spaces, through water and through all the obstacles in our purpose-built ‘Spook Busting’ Arena, all while being driven in a soft rubber bit. We take any equine of any breed, size or gender (including stallions) providing they have had their 3rd birthday, whether untouched, in need of fully retraining or somewhere in-between (although we prefer it if they have had no previous training, as the process is then easier for the equine). The breaking process usually takes 6-7 weeks.


If you would like to enquire about further information, or about being put onto either our Long or Short Waiting List, please send an email to: with your details and we will be able to inform you of the options for you and your equine(s).

For more information about Barry’s training services, click here:


Please call (01264) 720200 to speak to Barry about your specific requirements for lessons, clinics, or driving courses.



Barry’s Philosophy

Barry believes there is more to breaking a horse to drive than just teaching them to pull a carriage. He trains horses to cope with potentially frightening situations, enabling them to work happily, confidently and safely wherever you drive.  He teaches them to be confident in heavy traffic, as well as doing noise desensitisation, water training and scary hazards in his arena, with the aim of giving your horse a wide, comprehensive education.

Barry aims to show the amazing things that it is possible to achieve with a horse, by building trust in both himself and in his handler/driver. He constantly strives to update his training in unique ways for the modern world, with the long-term goal of improving the understanding between horses and humans not only for the horses that he himself trains, but for horses in the future, without being constrained by the “traditional” mind set that can be unfortunately prevalent in the driving world.

It is also Barry’s belief that every horse is an individual and his education must be undertaken with this in mind. He uses soft rubber bits for driving horses, and a light contact, as he feels this proves that they are doing as he asks because they are happy to do so, not because they are being forced or restrained by a metal bit, curb chain and firm contact.

With over 55 years experience Horse Drawn Promotions are recommended by, and have broken horses for, some of the top names in the industry, including BDS Area Commissioners, International Driving Trials competitors, as well as large commercial horse-drawn companies. Horses are sent to Barry for training from all over the UK and abroad, and he prides himself on providing a training service for harness horses that is second to none.

Barry Hook’s passion is breaking and schooling horses for carriage driving. From working at the stables of Young’s brewery to freelance coaching for commercial enterprises, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a diverse range of driving disciplines.

He started breaking horses at an early age, and continued to focus on training horses throughout his career. He takes great interest in the reschooling of horses with problems such as bolting or fear of traffic and has been able to give many horses the confidence to be driven again safely and happily.

Because he runs a specialised carriage driving breaking yard, he dedicates his time to training and breaking horses to harness. The purpose-built facilities include stables with automatic drinkers, a hot water wash-down area, clipping stall, all-weather arena, cones bridge and 24hr CCTV. Barry is involved in every aspect of your horse’s care, from harnessing up and driving to grooming and feeding. Copies of his client contract, terms & conditions can be read here:

Barry hopes that his passion for training horses to high standards shows;

he loves what he does, and believes your horse should too!

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